Brand Faith

We are aiming to contribute for the wellness of society by excellent creativity and communication.

Business Domain

As being a bridge between customers and clients,
we are creating various ways of communication which will be the mechanism to inspire people's minds.

Our Promise

• We build up the bridge between clients and consumers
To provide the best practice and to make it work.

• We never stop improving our professional knowledge,
making efforts to create new ways of communications to optimize the business value of our clients.

Recent years, there has been more and more new ways of communication and advertisement.
To consider about "How to utilize the ideas ?" "What message will lead to the best result?"
is always our mission to be competitive in this changing, fast-paced generation.
However, there is one thing has never been changed.
That is, the precious memories in people's minds.
Until this moment, we have been sharing so many perfect moments with customers from the travelling experiences,
we feel customers' joyfulness.
The solid strength of JTB AD Product's is the deep understanding of consumers' minds.
Because we have always accompanied people and have felt the movements,
we are more than capable to initiate the strategies which are attractive, specific and efficient.
Also, we look at all the possibilities of brand-new resolutions.
From now on, in order to connect business and consumers,
we make efforts in breaking out the frames and seeking more interesting,
more effective communication ways continuously.
JTB AD Product's, always there for perfect moments.
Every precious moment, we are always there for you. 

In this face-paced era, there are various choices in terms of services and advertisements.
Also, the process of purchasing are becoming versatile.
However, there is something cannot be replaced,
which is the long-lasting touching moments.
Insight of buying behavior
Creativeness to sympathize with customers
Execution of fascinating projects
Precise analyzation is always conducted in order to sustain positive growth.
We devote ourselves to keeping the precious moments as beautiful as the original ones in people's memories.
We are continuously challenging
and bringing on new ways of communication to customers.
Company Profile

Company Name JTB AD Product's Inc.
3rd Floor IK Building, 2-24-9 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-Ku,Tokyo 141-8657
Founded 1st August,1951
Established 1st April,2010
Board President Kenshiro Hosono
Executive Director Fumihiko Ueno
Capital 100 million yen
Annual Turnover 3,600 million yen (Financial year 2013)
Industry Advertising
Numbers of employees 44

Company history

1951 Independent from Japan Travel Bureau Foundation and founded as Japan Transportation Inc.
Osaka Branch founded.
1953 Nagoya Branch founded.
1962 Headquarter relocation (Kandatacho, Chioda-Ku, Tokyo)
1963 Fukuoka Branch founded.
1965 Kanazawa Branch and Sapporo Branch founded.
1968 Sendai Branch founded.
1988 Sales over 30 billion yen
1990 JIC Support Inc. founded
Kyushu Branch was independent and establishing new firm named KJ Limited
Current :JTB Communications Kyushu Inc.
1991 Hokkaido Branch was independent and establishing new firm named Hokkaido Communications Limited
1995 Headquarter relocation (Kajicho, Chioda-Ku, Tokyo)
2001 Renaming as JIC Inc.
Business partnership with McCann-Erickson
2004 Headquarter relocation (Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo)
2010 JTB AD Product's Inc. was established as property alienation of JIC and successor company.


Every precious moment,
Always be with you